Wheel fairing primer, reassembly and nose gear leg fairing mistake

The wheel fairing brackets had lost quite a bit of primer on their tips from the fitting and filling process, so we touched that up, along with priming a few other parts for other sections:

Fairing brackets and other parts ready for primer (just touching up the brackets)

Fairing brackets and other parts after primer

I then riveted the nutplates to those brackets and reinstalled the brackets and the wheels (hopefully for the last time):

Fairing brackets with nutplates riveted on

Wheel and fairing bracket reinstalled in place

Wheel and fairing bracket reinstalled in place

I also started making progress on attaching the nose gear leg fairing, which was going quite well...until I trimmed the hinge to the specified size (31 1/2") and it was sticking out even though it was supposed to fit inside the fairing...that's when realized I applied the cutting template in the wrong location, and the 27 1/32" distance from the tangent point to the edge of the aft opening was actually 24" instead :( I went back to the video of when I did it, and looks like I aligned the 27" mark with the aft end of that opening rather than the forward one - which is not exactly the error that the manual warns ("Double check that the measurement was taken to the cutout (shaded area) and not to the forward edge of the template...") but not too different...so I'll get back to this part after I receive a new part from Vans.

Nose gear leg fairing with hinge sticking out

The moment I realized my mistake :(

Time lapse:

Total wheel fairing rivets: 140
Total wheel fairing time: 89.8h

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