Upper forward fuselage complete

I installed a nutplate to hold the center console side panel:

Nutplate to hold center console side panel

We used the windshield (even without trimming) to mark a line of the inside of the top forward skin so we want to apply primer/paint on it (and later do a first cut of the glareshield material to it):

Windshield in place to mark glareshield area

Forward fuselage top skin with glareshield area cleared of vinyl for primer 

Forward fuselage top skin being protected with tape in non-primed/painted areas

Painting the visible parts of the forward fuselage top skin

Primed and painted forward fuselage top skin

Forward fuselage structure assembled together

Forward fuselage structure riveted together

Cooling/defrost fan doublers riveted in place

Panel attachment flanges and nutplates riveted in place

With this, section 31 is complete, except for the bracket that holds engine cables which I'm not yet sure I'll need. Actually attaching the panel to the fuselage is part of the later section 41, which I'll do after the firewall layout is complete.

Time lapse:

Total upper forward fuselage rivets: 360
Total upper forward fuselage time: 65.2h

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