Cabin cover is attached!

In a major milestone, we finally attached the cabin cover for good.

Getting it in place was slightly annoying - we had to lower it to a raised position to get the conduits through to the tailcone before lowering it all the way:

Cabin cover slightly raised from position so as to give access to the conduits

Conduits run through to the tailcone

There was also some interference with the conduit area that had to be trimmed:

Interference between the bulkhead side channel and the conduit area

Trimmed conduit area for clearance

With those resolved, it was then time to rivet the gussets, apply resin/flox, and tighten the bolts for the first time (we realized some of them are a bit too long and needed too many washers, so I expect to still change them):

Side gusset riveted in place

Cabin cover gap filled with resin and flox

Gusset area with resin and tightened bolts

Once that cured, I riveted the aft portion of the cabin cover in place:

Riveted aft portion of the cabin cover

The tailcone top forward skin is still not on, mostly because we need to get some sealant for the forward edge before we can attach it.

Time lapse:

Total cabin cover rivets: 160
Total cabin cover time: 135.9h

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