Fuel tank adjustment

In the last episode about the fuel tanks, we attached them in a hurry before moving, and some of the skin edges were still overlapping with the adjacent parts. I finally got around to removing the tanks, filing them down and reattaching. I also took the opportunity to torque their bolts properly.

Torque seal on the fuel tank bolts
This (finally, really) concludes the work on the tanks.

And of course, I couldn't have done it without my wife's help and support:


Time lapse:

Total fuel tanks rivets: 30
Total fuel tanks time: 21.9h

Testing Aveo Ziptip wingtip lights

I had received my Aveo Ziptips some time ago but never got around to testing the lights - I finally got a proper power supply and did it.

The Ziptip light assembly receives a standard TE CPC, and comes with the connector and some (test?) leads:

A peek inside the ziptip light assembly

Standard CPC with test leads

Since they reuse wire colors, I had to identify and label the different pins:

Labeled test leads
then temporarily splice the trailing-edge light wires:

Connected trailing-edge light wires

I didn't bother unwrapping the wingtips (not until I'm ready to work on them), so I was getting the lights through multiple layers of bubble wrap plus tape that covers the lenses, yet they were bright!

Landing light (the room wasn't dark, my phone adjusted this much to the brightness)
Right position light

Left position light

Trailing-edge light
Short video of the strobes:

Time lapse:

Total wingtip time: 1.0h