Hiatus, then vertical stabilizer completed

I had a brief hiatus while (1) waiting for more rivets to arrive; (2) spending some more time with my wife; (3) taking some vacation time traveling to Oshkosh Airventure:

I'll later post a summary of RV-relevant things I saw and found out at Airventure.
Now that I'm back and I have rivets, finishing the vertical stabilizer was pretty quick, and consisted of riveting the rear spar and the top and bottom ribs:

Minus some rough edges (hey, it was the first airplane part I ever built), I'm quite happy with the results, and eager to complete the next parts (rudder is not far from completion).

Time lapse:

Total vertical stabilizer time: 63.6h
Total vertical stabilizer rivets: 350

Elevators started

I started the elevators, and found out that someone at Van's had the cruel idea of adding an instruction which reads "Debur the edges of all elevator parts" :p so I've spent multiple hours doing that.

Deburred and joined ribs

Most other parts in the elevators (except skins)

Time lapse:

(beginning doesn't have GPS timestamps because it was recorded on a GoPro instead of my regular VIRB)

Total elevators time: 7.0h