Empennage fairing finishing started

For the VS top fairing, I decided to use nutplates for screws instead of riveting them permanently, so I installed those nutplates:

Vertical stabilizer fairing backing strips with nutplates attached

Vertical stabilizer fairing (partially) screwed in place

I worked on finishing the laid-up surface of the smaller fairings (applying resin and sanding, then priming):

Filling the horizontal stabilizer fairing surfaces

Horizontal stabilizer and rudder fairings after primer

I then riveted those and the rudder top fairing in place:

Horizontal stabilizer fairing riveted in place

Rudder top fairing riveted in place

and then started the same finishing process for those to conceal the fiberglass/aluminum joint (not complete yet):

Rudder top fairing with its gap filled with resin

Elevator and horizontal stabilizer fairings with their gaps filled with resin

Elevator and horizontal stabilizer fairings sanded smooth

Elevator and horizontal stabilizer fairings sanded smooth

I also did some finishing work on the bottom rudder fairing, which even after sanding is still not as smooth as I'd like (so more to be done there):

Rudder bottom fairing trailing edge with resin applied

With the HS and elevators off of the tailcone, I could finally drill, countersink and tap the fairing gap covers:

Fairing gap covers

Tailcone holes for the fairing gap covers

Next is, of course, more filling and sanding to finish the HS, elevator, and rudder fairings, and then some deeper surgery to make the VS top fairing sit flush with the metal skin. Have I mentioned I hate fiberglass work?

Time lapse:

Total empennage fairing rivets: 
Total empennage fairing time: 78h