More workshop setup

Over the weekend, Chris (mentioned in the first post) also let me have his compressor while he's not using it, saving me several hundred bucks, at least for a few months - it can be seen in the pictures below.
We also decided it was time to organize our tools, so we got a proper tool chest.
Few things are missing in the workshop to get started - a bench vise, bench grinder, and a soundproofing box for the compressor (it's loud!).

After - a tad easier to work :)
The culprit


Finally got all my tools today and inventoried them.


Organizing (kind of)
Dimple dies and rivet sets
A bucketload of clecos

Workbenches done

Following the EAA Standard Workbench plans (published on Sport Aviation January 2010 edition), we built two workbenches we can use for working on the RV10.

Building the top frame
Attaching the legs 

Attaching the doublers
Bottom frame
(we ignored the original instruction of building it separately - this seems to give a better fit) 
Attaching the top
(that car will soon have to stay outside)
Adding the last screw

In the last week I also finished reviewing the list of tools that we'll initially buy, and comparing prices between different stores (Aircraft Spruce, even with the EAA member discount, is still more expensive than others, so they won't get my order). I'll make a separate post when they arrive.