Mid-fuselage bulkheads ready for primer

After a few hours of deburring parts, they're ready for primer!

I also fabricated doublers from .040 stock for the side channels in order to open more holes through them - the parts come with only two holes, and even though Van's says it's ok to open a third, I'll rest easier with this reinforced:

Doublers cut to size

Doublers match-drilled 

Fully-drilled doublers for having more holes passing conduits and air lines

The goal is to run 3 conduits through each side, pitot+AoA on the left and static air on the right.

I also, again per advice from VAF, countersunk the two holes on each of the forward center section bulkhead side channels that will need to de riveted double-flush:

Flange holes (top center) were countersunk for double-flush rivets

Next, I need to prime all these parts and start riveting.

Time lapse:

Total mid-fuselage bulkhead time: 33.3h