Second primer test: success!

Following the great advice I received on VAF, I mixed the primer components (and the mixture) a lot more this time, plus I adjusted the pressure to 20psi with the trigger pulled (which was about 70psi static). This time the results were great

Here's a comparison with the previous test:

This finally looks like properly-primed aluminum, and I think I'm ready to prime the other parts and start actually riveting :) I'll do that after I finish deburring and countersinking all the parts from the Horizontal Stabilizer.

Time lapse:

Horizontal stabilizer disassembled

The horizontal stabilizer has been fully assembled, drilled, then disassembled. The next step will be to deburr it (a few thousand holes plus many edges).

Time lapse:

Total horizontal stabilizer time: 51.7h

First primer test

Everything is here for priming!! The actual primer, the Prekote, and now tools and safety equipment.

Equipment for priming
(on the back, two containers full of parts to be primed)
Mixing Mate for the primer cans + assembled dryer/desiccator

So we went ahead and did a first test, with very disappointing results:

Not having any clue what I'm doing wrong, I posted to VAF. I'm assuming I'll have a few more rounds of testing before I can move on to priming the real parts.

Time lapse of the test: