Wheel fairing finishing

I trimmed the forward main wheel fairings to leave plenty of room for the brake hoses to go through underneath the intersection fairings, then primed all the fairings inside and (where not gel coated) outside:

Trimmed forward main wheel fairings at the intersection fairing, for brake lines

Primed wheel fairing inside

Primed intersection fairing

Finally, I bonded the tug guard doublers with some flox and then riveted them:

Tug guards bonded in place with epoxy+flox

Tug guards riveted in place

I still have the nose gear leg fairing to complete, and I've ordered the replacement part for it, but who knows when Vans will actually ship it.

Time lapse:

Total gear leg and wheel fairing rivets: 152
Total gear leg and wheel fairing time: 97.7h

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