Engine mount and nose gear progress

We primed the nose gear fork (except the brass insert, of course) and mounted it and the wheel in place:

Primed nose gear fork

Nose gear fork in place

Nose wheel attached to nose gear fork

We match-drilled and temporarily installed the engine mount, with the nose gear:

Engine mount attached in place

Nose gear installation parts

Nose gear installed in place

Actually attaching the nosewheel, while keeping the plane level to work on the fairing, required jacking the airplane significantly higher:

Significant gap below the main wheels to get the airplane level

Nose wheel installed in place

This was a while ago, and I've seen done a lot of work on the fairing (posted separately). The main thing left for this section is permanently installing the engine mount, which I'll only do after having the fiberfrax firewall protection in place, which in turn I'll only do after having the engine hung (but not permanently attached) at least once to measure distances and positions (e.g. the hose for the EFII pressure regulator gives a specific position for the regulator, which needs to be measured with the engine in place).

Time lapse:

Total engine mount and nose gear time: 19.9h

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