Interior panels accessory progress

I attached the Aerosport pocket cover, using a ruler to keep it flush with the inboard surfaces, and then the cupholder per the instructions (but using locking nuts behind them instead):

Pocket with holes for attachment

Pocket held flush with the inboard surfaces for match-drilling

Pocket and cupholder installed

Pocket and cupholder attachment nuts

I installed the rear vents by first taping the akward-fitting duct to the skin, then opening up the holes on the interior panels to match:

Vent duct taped in place

Interior panel with hole lining up with the vent duct

Interior panels with vents installed

I then aligned and drilled holes for the vent levers, to ensure their aftmost position would shut the vent:

Vent arm attached to vent slides

Vent arm aligned with vent

I also installed most covers on the aft section of the fuselage, since those were done anyway:

Rear seat and baggage areas fully covered

Closed baggage area inspection plate

Time lapse:

Total access cover and floor panel rivets: 596
Total access cover and floor panel time: 50.7h

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