Wheel fairing attachment

I sanded the nose wheel fairing gap fills to remove all the excess resin:

Sanded nose wheel fairing gap fills

then final-drilled and countersunk the fairing attachment holes:

Fairing attachment holes countersunk for tinnerman washers

While sanding the gap fills inside the fairing, I got carried away with the Dremel and, not seeing the surface due to the generated dust, ended up poking another hole through the fairing - oops - so I had to patch that up (used 2 layers of fiber on each side of it):

Unintended hole, sanded for patching

I then final-drilled the wheel fairing joint holes and installed all the nutplates that hold the halves together, countersinking for tinnerman washers:

Wheel fairing with joint nutplates installed

Main wheel fairing held together with screws and tinnerman washers

Now that the wheel fairing alignment and rilling is completed, I also removed the main fairing brackets to provide additional clearance from the gear leg, and drilled and countersunk all the nutplate attachment holes:

Main wheel fairing attachment bracket, trimmed to provide clearance from the gear leg

Fairing attachment brackets, with nutplate holes countersunk

Besides the nose leg fairing, now there's only some finishing work to do on this section, notably the joint to the intersection fairings, touching up the primer on those brackets, installing the bracket nutplates and installing the tug guards.

Time lapse:

Total wheel fairing rivets: 108
Total wheel fairing time: 84.4h

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