Rear seat vent and brace closeout

I installed the rear pax vent arm for the Aerosport panels:

Rear seat vent arm installed in place

We then finally attached the O2 fill port and Aveo baggage light to the seat back brace closeout, attached Clickbonds inside the seat back brace for tubes and wires, and riveted the closeout in place:

O2 fill port secured to the seat back brace closeout

O2 fill port secured in place

We then attached Clickbonds to the inside of the rear seat back brace, to secure both the oxygen line and (some distance from that) the baggage light wire:

Attaching Clickbond fasteners inside the seat back brace

With this in place, we also match-drilled and riveted the Aerosport baggage door gas strut, which holds the door open (I'm not using their baggage door cover, just the strut)

Baggage door gas strut installed in place

With this, the only thing left for this section is the final attachment of the remaining covers, which I can probably only do after the DAR inspection.

Time lapse:

Total access cover and floor panel rivets: 650
Total access cover and floor panel time: 54.4h

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