Fuel pressure regulator attachment

As the last firewall penetration (and start of the FWF fuel system), after lifting the engine and temporarily attaching it into place, I attached the Aircraft Specialty hoses to position the EFII/Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator:

Engine temporarily attached in place, still held by the hoist

Fuel pressure regulator attached to engine and firewall fittings to determine its position

At first I was having trouble finding a position and the hose seemed to short, until they pointed out that the hose can bend at a much smaller radius than I was trying, and then I found a good position, marked it, and then drilled the bracket holes (the holes are not accessible without removing the bracket from the regulator), and made a doubler:

Fuel pressure regulator doubler clecoed in place

Once that doubler (and others from the avioncis section) get riveted on, I can then insulate the firewall, re-attach the engine mount, and complete all the other FWF sections.

Time lapse:

Total engine fuel system time: 3.7h

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