Firewall control cable penetrations

We drilled the engine control cable holes for the DoubleTree TTP-S fittings, using a custom drill jig that I laser-cut in D2 tool hardened steel (I had no hopes of manually getting so many holes properly aligned on a stainless steel firewall):

Control cable eyeball fitting drilling jigs attached to the firewall

Drilling firewall control cable fitting hole with a unibit (and safety glasses! That's like a first for her)

Eventually, we realized this wasn't going to work well with a unibit (especially one that wasn't new or super sharp), and got a 1-1/8" hole saw, which did the job very quickly (backing the hole with a 1/8" piece of aluminum):

Engine control cable eyeball fitting, and hole for the second one

Engine control cable eyeball fittings viewed from the cockpit side

Time lapse:

Total upper forward fuselage install rivets: 62
Total upper forward fuselage install time: 23.0h

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