Avionics attachment, connectors, and TAS ground plane

I made doublers for the firewall components (ANL fuse holders and EFII MAP sensors), and match-drilled them from the firewall:

Aluminum cut firewall doublers

Firewall doublers match-drilled to the firewall (they actually go in the cockpit side, but it was easier to drill from that side)

Finished firewall doublers

We then primed those (with high-temperature primer, it's a firewall after all):

Priming the firewall doublers

Firewall doublers clecoed in place

I also attached Molex SL connectors (with TPAs) to all the lights and door sensors:

Aveo lights and door sensors with Molex connectors

The B&C alternator came with the plug already wired, but I wanted to use a different color wire so I could more easily tell them apart on the panel side, so I got a new connector from B&C and redid it:

Backup alternator plug re-done with a black/white wire

I started the ground plane for the top TAS antenna, which will be embedded in the cabin cover - the minimum size is 9"x9", so I did 10"x10" which fits well in that space, and opened up the center hole to the inner diameter of the reinforcement tube:

First attempt at top TAS antenna ground plane

For the other antennas, I had doublers laser-cut, and for better grounding used press-fit nuts (for attaching the antenna) and press-fit studs (for connecting the doublers under fiberglass to actual ground):

Antenna doublers - Left: 2x GA-35 doublers, 1x GA-57X doubler; Center - GA-35 drilling jig, Stormscope drilling jig, GHA15; Right - O2 distributor backing plates, COM antenna doubler, TAS antenna doubler

For attaching the hall effect current sensors, I designed a couple inserts that lock into place, and had them MJF printed:

Hall effect sensor and attachment insert

There'll need to be a second revision, since with this design lock too well - it's really hard to lift all 6 locking arms while pulling it out (with 4 hands, we managed), plus the wire holes in the center were a bit too tight (that much was fixable without re-printing), and someone pointed out that I have no provisions to hold the connector in place which is true. With all that, this is the new version (yet to be printed):

Version 2 of the hall effect sensor attachment insert

Version 2 of the hall effect sensor attachment insert

The connector attachment on the sensors also needed a tiny bit of trimming so the Molex connector fits, both to the side, and a little bit on the mating surface of both parts:

Tight connector fit on the hall effect sensor

Still a lot left to do for avionics - installing all the other antennas, running wires down the sides, running wires down to the tunnel, and installing the panel in place.

Time lapse:

Total avionics rivets: 124
Total avionics time: 126.1h

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