Door edge attachments

While we were finishing the cabin cover edge, I carved little slots for the third-latch blocks to sit in (I preferred not trimming the block and instead having it sit against hard fiberglass underneath, than have it sit only against the micro/resin filling), then attached them in place after painting:

Slot carved into the micro for attaching the third latch block

Test-fitting third latch block into slot

Third latch block attached in place

I also attached the door pin blocks, with the sensors behind them:

Door pin block attached in place

Door pin sensor attached behind the door pin block

The main thing left on this section is, of course, final attachment of the doors (which I'll do after completing the TAS antenna install) and then the door windows. This is the longest section of the build so far...

Time lapse:

Total cabin door rivets: 142
Total cabin door time: 192.4h

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