More avionics mounting

I installed a muffler/filter on the alt static switch to prevent dust from getting in:

Alt static switch (center) with filter mounted on it

I noticed some switches were rotating easily when manipulated, so I decided to actually use the anti-rotation retention ring and drilled notches (holes that don't go all the way through, so not visible from the front of the panel) and installed them all, as well as the circuit breakers:

Bottom left switches with anti-rotation washers in place

Left-side switches and notches for anti-rotation washers

Left panel with all switches mounted

Center panel with all switches and circuit breakers mounted

For attaching the VP-X, I went with the hinge method that lets it swing down if needed, and the #8 screw holes will double as a place to attach clamps to hole the main wire bundle:

VP-X attached with a hinge (left) and screw holes (right)

For flexibility/modularity and to make the routing of #2 battery and alternator/starter cables easier, I added an electrical post on the far left of the subpanel - from the aft side I can have thinner cables going to the VP-X and fuse block (the post will help keep those forward of the GDL that goes next to it), and another #2 from the forward side to the forward side of the firewall:

Forward side of the electrical post, where the firewall-forward 2AWG cable will connect to

Aft side of the electrical post, where the VP-X and fuse block will connect

Finally, I also drilled attachment holes for the two items that will go on the glareshield - one of the GPS antennas, and the GI-260 AoA indicator. The antenna unfortunately comes with the BNC connector already attached, so it required a much larger hole for the cable to go through than otherwise needed.

GI-260 AoA indicator attached to glareshield, and its cable hole

Garmin glareshield antenna attached to glareshield, with cable going through the glareshield

I also decided on the attachment locations for the tailcone LRUs - the GTS800 will be horizontal since it's pretty heavy, the WX-500 will be vertical next to it with connectors facing aft (to make routing to the antenna easier) and there's not enough room for the GTR20 on the shelf, so I'll mount it on the side with the OP-41 kit - both mounts have been ordered. I can also make the shelf smaller on all sides.

Rough layout of the tailcone LRUs

Next steps will be finishing that tailcone shelf and measuring/ordering the battery cables, then finishing up the subpanel (making the reinforcement for the GTN/GNX openings and drilling nutplate holes for everything), then actually making the wiring harness modifications I know I'll need or want.

Time lapse:

Total avionics time: 23.8h

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