Avionics attachment

I received my engraved Tosten sticks from Midwest, and they look great! (I had asked for a low-dome blue button for TOGA, but oh well, this is good enough)

Engraved Tosten stick, aft side

Engraved Tosten stick, forward side

I installed the knobs and switch on the overhead face plate that Stein made, which required a few tweaks - the heatsink on their provided dimmers didn't fit, so it had to be slightly bent:

Switch pod with knobs and switch installed

Inside the switch pod, heat sinks had to be slightly bent near the bottom

It was then time to attach the LRUs to the subpanel - starting with actually mounting the whole panel and getting the wire bundle in there (who knew, that wire bundle is quite heavy!):

Wire bundle installed in place (pilot side)

Wire bundle installed in place (copilot side)

GDL51R, fuse block, GAD29, and REL2 (left to right) attached to the subpanel

For the CO Guardian, the bracket it comes with seemed very flimsy to me, so I cut some aluminum angle to support it and attached it facing down (so dust doesn't get into the sensor as easily), and away from the G3X and panel-top cooling fans:

Custom aluminum-angle bracket for the CO Guardian

CO Guardian, IBBS backup battery, and GEA24 (right to left) attached to the subpanel

Last, I connected the GSU25 and G5 air pressure fittings and ran the tubes between them, then ran the static tubing down to the alt static switch, with a T to actually receive the pressure from the static ports:
Pitot and static hoses between GSU25 and G5

Static hose routing down from G5 to alt static switch, and a T for the actual intake

Static hose coming from from G5

There's still a chance I may need to change the static hose out of the G5 - I don't have the EFII display yet to know if it'll be a conflict, and I routed as far away from it as I could, but there's always the chance it wasn't enough.

Last but not least, I final-drilled for and installed the ELT antenna:

ELT antenna installed in place

Next I need to figure out the mounting of the VP-X (thinking of going with the hinge method on the pilot side), adding Adel clamps to hold the main wire bundle, and then the actual modifications to the bundles (like running the wires that Stein doesn't, and a few other minor changes).

Time lapse:

Total avionics time: 12.9h

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