Subpanel doubler fabrication

I disassembled the subpanel structure and made a reinforcement doubler (just over 1" thick around the border) for the GTN/GNX subpanel openings - it will attach behind the subpanel, sharing a couple of holes with the subpanel angles that secure the center rib:

GTN/GNX subpanel cutout after finishing the edges

~1" doubler drawn out on sheet stock

Subpanel doubler cut out from stock

Subpanel doubler with pilot holes and bend to follow the subpanel contour 

Subpanel doubler match-drilled in place

Opening up interior of the subpanel doubler by drilling out the corners

Finished subpanel doubler

With this, the subpanel is ready for primer, and I can start riveting the panel structure after that (though I'll leave the skin for later until I'm all done with the wiring harness).

Time lapse:

Total upper forward fuselage install time: 17.8h

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