Wingtip riveting

I riveted the outboard hinges to the wingtips:

Wingtip hinges riveted in place

Overall, I have to admit I regret doing the wingtip hinge modification - it added a lot of time to my build, and I'm not convinced it'll be that much more convenient since the pin is still quite hard to insert/remove due to the curvature.

I then drilled, countersunk and riveted the inspection panel and forward attachment nutplates:

Forward attachment and inspection panel nutplates riveted in place

Wingtip inspection panel screwed in place, with tinnerman washers

To ground the NAV antenna do the wingtip, I then scuffed the surface of the bottom left hinge, as well as inside the hinge rings, then riveted it in place:

NAV antenna and hinge riveted in place

Since the bottom left inboard hinge spacers don't need primer (they're helping ground the NAV antenna, I also riveted those:

Bottom left inboard hinge riveted in place

Finally, I glassed in parts of the NAV antenna to keep it held down:

Fiberglass strips holding the NAV antenna in place at 3 points

Now I'm really blocked on getting those ribs from Aveo - after a year talking to them to get those (well, trying, they're not great at returning calls or emails), I finally managed to place an order, so hopefully I'll get them some time next year along with my fixed light modules (that don't interfere with the GTN).

Time lapse:

Total wingtip rivets: 257
Total wingtip time: 54.0h

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