Bottom wing skins drilling and fairing riveting

I finished riveting the flap and aileron gap fairings:
Riveted aileron gap fairing
I initially tried my skills at riveting behind the attached inboard bottom wing skin using solid rivets, with horrible results:
Bad riveting on the flap gap fairing
I then removed those rivets and will replace them with CR3212s, per VAF post (I'm waiting for the rivets to arrive as of this post). The other holes behind the inboard wing skin will receive MSP-42s.

I also started installing the pitot tube mount from Gretz:
Gretz pitot mast with nutplates attached
I match-drilled the backing plate, initially just to the spar:
Gretz pitot mount backing plate attached to spar
and then the other holes following the suggested pattern:
Gretz pitot mount backing plate with hole pattern drilled
I clecoed and match-drilled the skin to the stiffeners, ribs and spars:
Right bottom skin match-drilled
Both bottom wing skins match-drilled
With a very good timing, my friend from whom I had borrowed the compressor asked to have it back just as I finished this, so I won't be doing any (air) drilling for a bit until I get a new one (also giving him a chance to catch up with me since he's also building a -10 ;) ).

Next I'll match-drill the pitot mount backing plate through the skin - using a strap duplicator if I can, but if that's not feasible I'll drill from the inside while lifting the skin.

Time lapse:

Total bottom wing skins time: 25.8h
Total bottom wing skins rivets: 362

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