Some empennage attach progress

I attached the trim cables to the trim assembly:
Cables attached to trim assembly
and fabricated a bracket for the CPC connector (for trim servo and ELT wires):
Tail connector bracket attempt 1
I enlarged the main connector hole, and then realized that the 4 surrounding holes were completely misaligned with the rivnuts on the connector, so I started over :) this time starting with the connector hole, and getting much better results:
Tail connector bracket attempt 2
I cut the bracket, primed and riveted it to the main trim assembly:
Trim assembly with CPC connector
This position seems to be very convenient as it gives easy access to the connector through the aft deck holes (the downside is that the servo wires will need some splicing to reach the connector):
CPC connector in place
I also trimmed the elevator pushrod and drilled the headers using the technique recommended by Van's:
Drilled pushrod end
I primed the inside and outside of the pushrod and pushrod end, then riveted them together and finally installed it in the tailcone:
Elevator pushrod in place
Aft end of the elevator pushrod
Most next steps involve actually attaching the stabilizers, rudder and elevators, which I don't have room to do for now.

Time lapse:

Total empennage attach time: 9.2h
Total empennage attach rivets: 26

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