Bottom wing skins started

I trimmed the flap gap fairing stiffeners, then clecoed and match-drilled the flap gap fairings. The aileron gap fairings needed some grinding on the ends to fit, then I did the same to them:
Aileron and flap gap fairings in place
Countersunk inboard flap gap fairing holes
I then primed the gap fairings:
Primed fairings
And then clecoed and started riveting them to the top skin and rear spear:
Flap and aileron gap fairings clecoed back in place
Flap and aileron gap fairings riveted to top wing skin
I recruited an intern to help with riveting, and she did 120 of them:
Silvia tbe riveter! :)
Fairings mostly riveted
I need to fix a few of the fairing rivets and finish others. I expected to have a huge pain bucking the inboard rivets behind the bottom skin, but thanks again to a VAF post, I'll just use pop rivets for those. After these are fully riveted, I'll start match-drilling the actual skin and the J-stiffener.

Time lapse:

Total bottom wing skin time: 17.3h
Total bottom wing skin rivets: 342

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