Top wing skins complete!

The top skins come pre-installed, but still require the drilling, countersinking and installation of inboard edge nutplates. Should be a simple task, had I not screwed up - one of the many nutplates is a single-lug nutplate:
I happily drilled it just like all the other nutplates:
VAF to the rescue once again - some good suggestions, and I ended up deciding to make a backing plate to support it. I removed the next rivet, and made a 1 5/8" x 1/2" plate with one dimpled hole to match that:
Nutplate doubler
Clecoed it through that hole, with the center line aligned:
Nutplate doubler in place
Nutplate doubler center aligned
then match-drilled the next AD3 rivet hole as well as the #19 screw hole. For the oversize hole, I attached a nutplate and drilled through it:
Drilling the last hole through the nutplate
I primed and installed the backing plate:
Backing plate/nutplate installed
Later I may still use some epoxy paste to cover the hole and add some additional attachment to the nutplate.

Time lapse:

Total wing top skins time: 4.4h
Total wing top skins rivets: 32

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