Aileron actuation progress

This is another section that's not "quick built" and all steps have to be completed. Finally something to rivet!

I started by cutting all the pushrod tubes:
Various pushrods and torque tube cut to length
Match-drilled and assembled the bellcrank-to-aileron pushrods:
Bellcrank-to-aileron pushrods match-drilled
I cut the torque tubes in half (which is a piece of information missing from the manual - VAF saved me again) and build the torque tube assemblies with them:
Torque tubes temporarily assembled
This required carefully adjusting the relative angles of the two sides with a 5/16" block:
Drilling the torque tubes at the correct angles
I match-drilled the ends into the main torque-tube-to-bellcrank pushrods:
Torque-tube-to-bellcrank pushrods and rod ends match-drilled
I installed the bellcrank in the wing temporarily:
Bellcrank in place
After applying primer to the inside of the tubes, riveting began:
Bellcrank-to-aileron pushrods riveted
Torque tube ends riveted
With another batch of primer, the rod ends and tubes were primed (along with parts from other sections):
Primed rod ends and other parts
Primed pushrod tubes
I riveted the rod ends and bolted the forward portion of the torque tubes:
Riveted torque-tube-to-bellcrank pushrods and rod ends
Torque tube ready to install
The next steps involve actually installing the aileron actuation into the wing, which I'll hold off on until the bottom skins are ready to rivet (though I'll likely test fit it just to look at the placement of the pitot tube and other components).

Time lapse:

Total aileron actuation time: 17.7h
Total aileron actuation rivets: 40

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