Custom designs

I get a lot of questions about stuff I design to be either 3D printed or laser cut / CNC bent.

I design everything in Fusion 360, and you can find all the designs here (Fusion 360 format, but you can export to other formats using their free version).

Some of the designs already there are:

Antenna doublers for the GA-35, GA-57X, GA-58, GHA15, Delta Pop COM antenna, and NY-163 (drilling jig only) - inserts were added directly in the SendCutSend order interface:

Laser-cut antenna doublers, some with nut and stud inserts

Baggage door latch bar - a bar for the baggage door lock/cam that has the tip at an angle, to pull the door in

Control column measuring jig - for adjusting the elevator pushrod lengths (page 39-10 step 1)

Door bracket locating bar - static bar to use in place of the gas strut for drilling (page 45-16 step 2)

3D printed door bracket locating bar

Door lock indicator
- a flat plate to insert into the door third-latch bar to indicate that it's closed

Door closed indicator attached to latching bar
Door closed indicator inside door

Dual VA-260A shelf - a version of the OP-48 tailcone shelf made for two ribs (twice the width), with my positioning of relays
Tailcone shelf with relays

Elevator bellcrank jig - used to position the tailcone bellcrank in the neutral position (page 11-7 step 2)

F-10112-R GTR20 mount - a variation of OP-41 that fits and has mounting holes for the GTR20

GTR20 tailcone side mount

Fan doubler - for panel cooling/defrost fans

Panel fan openings with doublers riveted in place

Firewall TTP-S drilling jig - drilling jig to get all the holes for TTP-S spherical grommets drilled. It has a nice feature of being composable (you can use multiple of these attached to each other through the jigsaw-type tips/holes to make multiple holes):

Firewall spherical grommet drilling jigs in place (3 of them)

Hall effect sensor mount - a way to secure the KEY100 hall effect current sensor to a pair of wires (#2/#10) and hold its connector in place (wires get hot - use a high-temp material if printing these! I did MJF with PA-12 nylon):

KEY100 hall effect sensor mounted to battery cable

O2 distributor backing plate - the Mountain High distributors' backing plate has a flange (which you can flip up or down), I wanted one that's flat since that gives me the perfect height without having to carefully trim 16 spacer bars to the same random length. Includes nutplate holes, and must be anodized to match the originals.

O2 distributors with custom backing plate

O2 mount box - featured extensively in prior posts, this is how I protected the O2 bottle in the baggage compartment.
O2 box in baggage area

Spartan3 AFR case - I'm using the Spartan3 AFR sensor board with the EFII System32, but I changed the connector to one that will latch better, and wanted something with actual holes to secure it through, so I remade their case to fit those:

Spartan3 AFR controller in custom case

As for actually making these, I use Oshcut for anything that needs bending (becaue they actually make dimensions match my design), SendCutSend for just laser cutting (usually cheaper than oshcut, and they have the option of adding inserts), and Xometry for MJF printing. (and for clarity, I'm not sponsored or get anything from any of them for the callout).

 Hope some of these are useful for someone else too.

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