Cabin brake hoses installed

Once the oil cooler box was riveted, we installed the brake hoses, starting with the ones near the corner (harder to get to):

First brake hoses attached to parking brake and ALIR

then the ones that connect the pedals:

All brake hoses installed in place

Top view of the brake hoses, showing that they don't touch

Finding the right clocking and direction for all of those to avoid contact took some trial and error - partly because I installed the ALIR a bit further forward than Aircraft Specialty suggested (to have easy access to all the ALIR ports), but also I didn't really want to have all the hoses coming out the center of the pedals 'cause they'd be hitting one another when they moved.

With this, the only steps left on this section are attaching the brake fluid reservoir and filling up the system with brake fluid.

Time lapse:

Total rudder pedals and brake system rivets: 8
Total rudder pedals and brake system time: 22.8h

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