Oil cooler mount modifications

I started section FF1 even before having the FWF kit by assembling the oil cooler box (which I got along with the finish kit).

Oil cooler clecoed to itself

Riveted oil cooler, clecoed to the firewall

I went with one size higher for the actual cooler - the Airflow Systems 2007X instead of 2006X - so I had to modify the mount to fit, by removing the top row of nutplates and attaching them to an angle instead:

Oil cooler mount on top of the oil cooler, for measuring hole positions

Trimmed aluminum angle for attaching nutplates to the top of the oil cooler mount

Oil cooler mount with nutplates on an angle on top of it

Then, per Airflow's instructions, I added a tuning vane to reduce the air pressure difference between the two halves of the cooler, and attached it in place with angles:

Adjusting the tuning vane's position to the center of both openings

Tuning vane with angles for attachment

Tuning vane riveted inside the oil cooler mount using angles

Tuning vane riveted inside the oil cooler mount

Now I'm back to waiting for the engine to arrive before I can continue this section (I've already ordered it from Barrett, a few months ago before the price increases :) ).

Time lapse:

Total engine installation rivets: 43
Total engine installation time: 7.6h

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