Baggage area O2 mount box

I made progress on the EDS-4IP cylinder install, first by attaching the brackets:

O2 cylinder mount brackets and straps in place

I got the loaner O2 cylinder from MH, and checked that it was properly aligned - but also realized I had the wrong metal straps, so I'm exchanging those for shorter ones:

Mountain High O2 cylinder strapped in place

I designed a box to protect it (and even allow lightweight items to be on top), and had it laser-cut and CNC-bent:

Laser-cut, CNC-bent parts upon arrival from SCS

That almost fit well, but was too close up against the rear seat, and made me realize I had a twist in the right baggage cover that needed to be accounted for in the design:

First version of the O2 box, sitting in a tight fit

Significant angle difference on top cover of the O2 box due to twisting

Small gap at the aft portion of the O2 box

Tight fit of the O2 box against the rear seat

Also, the company that CNC-bent them for me apparently doesn't have enough precision for making matching parts (I asked, they basically said that's how it is), so for the second iteration I switched to Oshcut, which was a bit more expensive, but parts were spot on:

Misaligned holes made by SendCutSend

Space inside the box for the cylinder attachment

Second version of the O2 box sitting in place

that was almost perfect, except I forgot to account for the different thicknesses, leaving a tiny gap - so I adjusted again and got just the front lid done again, which fixed it.

Much smaller gap on version 2 of the O2 box

I then match-drilled the box onto the right baggage cover, drilled for nutplates on the cover, and deburred everything:

O2 box (version 3) match-drilled into place

Right baggage cover drilled for nutplates to attach the O2 box

Last on the box, I added a couple of stiffener ribs to support a little bit of weight on top - I made sure to position them away from the attachment straps:

O2 box ribs match-drilled into place

On another baggage area leftover item, I had one rivet left to attach the upper baggage door seal channel, which unfortunately required removing the bolts that join the longerons together - since I had the top forward tailcone skin off, I remove them and set the rivet:

Last, hard-to-reach rivet attaching the upper baggage door seal channel

Next will be applying primer on the O2 box parts and riveting it all together.

Time lapse:

Total baggage area rivets: 637
Total baggage area time: 60.6h

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