Cabin cover finishing started

We removed the cabin cover for the last time to finish it up.

There was a pretty big gap between the cabin cover and the overhead console (about 1/4") - I sanded the cabin cover surface a bunch to reduce it, but it became clear that there was no way I was going to close the gap fully without making the fiberglass pretty thin (or getting to the foam core), so instead we built up a "shim" down from the cabin cover to meet the console:

Gap between the cabin cover and overhead console

Laying up fiberglass shim for the overhead console

Overhead console in place to form shim

Overhead console shim after curing

No more gap between the cabin cover and overhead console

With that, I finished drilling the overhead console to attach it (when we previously detected the gap, we had only made a couple of holes - just enough to keep it in place but not enough for the attachment later):

Overhead console clecoed in place

I also made holes for running wires between the console and the switch pod:

Wiring holes on the overhead console

Wiring holes with the switch pod in place

I also attached the ventilation flanges for the overhead console, and riveted the baggage bulkhead channel to the top bulkhead - this may make it a bit harder to rivet the tailcone top skin later, but I didn't really have a choice due to the ordering of attachments:

Overhead ventilation flanges riveted in place

Finally, I started sanding the uncovered parts of the cabin cover, but that's one large exercise in patience, so there's a lot more to do there.

Time lapse:

Total cabin cover rivets: 64
Total cabin cover time: 77h

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