Fuel system started

I started the fuel system by making the TCW fitting spacers actually fit against the wing root fairing support - by trimming that support down to the hole edge, and then trimming the spacer to fit:

Wing root fairing support trimmed down to the fuel fitting hole

TCW spacer trimmed down to the wing root fairing edge

For the other spacers, Vans provided 6 of them, so I had to make another 2 (by just copying one of the 6), then I deburred and primed all of them:

Fuel fitting spacers (6 from Vans, 2 that I made)

All fuel fitting hardware ready to install

I drilled the firewall fuel return hole:

Firewall with an additional hole for fuel return

I also received the super-nice-looking hose kit from Aircraft Specialty, with the integral firesleeves for the FWF portion:

Aircraft Specialty hose unboxing

Aircraft specialty cabin hoses

I then installed all the cabin hoses that didn't require having the EFII system (which I'm still waiting for along with the engine itself):

Hoses installed under the seat

Fuel valve with hoses attached

Tightening the fuel valve fittings with Loctite 648

Valve with tightened fittings and (untightened) hoses

Valve with bracket center attached for installation

Actually attaching and torquing the hoses was actually a bit of work, given I had skipped ahead and done most of section 39 before - this would've been much easier without the pushrod in the way:

Fuel valve and hoses attached inside the tunnel

There was one small clearance issue, where I had to make sure to tighten a hose out of the way of the pushrod bolt/nut, but I'm not sure if this is a real issue after the elevators are attached, or if it just never moves this far forward:

Clearance between the elevator pushrod bolt/but and the left fuel supply hose

The rest of this section will involve installing the fuel pump hoses in the tunnel, and the fuel valve handle onto the center console.

Time lapse:

Total fuel system time: 7.8h

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