Doors started

With the finish kit here, we got started on the doors (as someone on Facebook said, "oh joy, doors!"), starting with the rough edge trimming:

Door outer shell marked for trimming

Trimming door inner shell

Trimmed door outer shell

I then sanded part of the inner shells for the gas strut attach doublers, and match-drilled it:

Gas strut attach doubler clamped into place after sanding

Gas strut attach doubler clecoed to the door inner shell

I attached the door a first time just to see what I'm up against - there's definitely a lot of trimming to be done, and it's even possible I may have to build the bottom lip back up to reduce the gap:

Door inner shell initial fitting

Larger than expected gap on the bottom flange

I also got started with some of the door latch parts, trimming/deburring the handle levers to fit, and drilling/countersunking handle nutplate holes:

Handle levers trimmed to fit

Handles with nutplate holes

I started drilling the handle mechanism parts, except I'm planning to use the Aerosport low-profile handles, so I'm not doing anything with the stock Delrin block yet:

Match-drilled latch mechanism parts

Likewise, for the Aerosport handles, the tubes need to have a significant length trimmed, as they no longer protrude to attach to the outside handle:

Trimmed handles and handle slides for Aerosport handles

Next I'll start the heavy sanding work to get the doors to fit, and to get the inner and outer shells joined. I'm also seriously considering building most of the latch mechanism while the door halves are still separated, since that seems to be significantly easier.

Time lapse:

Total cabin doors and transparencies time: 14.1h

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