More overhead console work

After clecoing the cabin cover and tailcone forward top skin back in place, we positioned the cabin cover against it (centering with the prior markings), then drilled a few shallow holes for clecos:

Overhead console clamped into place

Overhead console initially clecoed into place

It became clear that the cabin cover itself needs to have some material removed for it to sit flush, so we only drilled 6 holes for now, and will do that adjustment once the cabin cover is off again and upside-down.

We then removed the console and the top tailcone bulkhead, marked the inner surface, and opened up the vent holes to line up with them (as well as the Aerosport controller):

Marking inside edge of overhead console onto top bracket and baggage corrugation

Getting ready to cut top bulkhead for vent brackets

Relative size of cutter to the vent bracket

Alignment of vent bracket to top bulkhead hole

Hole removed from top bulkhead

Vent brackets clecoed to top bulkhead

Since there was some overlap between the bulkhead holes and the corrugation, I trimmed up the corrugation to the limit of the inside surface of the console, to get a little bit more air flow:

Baggage bulkhead corrugation trimmed for bulkhead vent holes

With this, I could finally prime that top bulkhead (along with parts from other sections):

Primed top tailcone bulkhead and vents (along with parts from other sections)

It was then time to open up the overhead vent holes, which we did with a diamond cutter:

Cutting overhead console vent holes

Vent holes cut into overhead console

Aerosport vent fit into the overhead console

And last but not least, we match-drilled the cover plate holes into the console, for #4 screws (which Aerosport said should be more than enough), then attached nutplates to those holes (using CCR264CS3-2s):

Cover plates match-drilled into overhead console

Nutplates riveted to the overhead console

While the cabin cover is in place, I'll work on the door fitting so that the cover only has to come off once more before it's attached for good.

Time lapse:

Total cabin cover rivets: 52
Total cabin cover time: 66.3h

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