Door pin blocks

I started working on the door pin blocks, starting by positioning and match-drilling the stock blocks:

Van's forward pin block match-drilled into place

Van's aft pin block match-drilled into place

With those reference holes, I then started "sculpting" the Planearound blocks (which are larger) to fit tightly in the same spot:

Planearound pin block next to where it needs to fit

Forward Planearound pin block in place

Aft Planearound pin block in place

"Sculpted" Planearound door block to fit tightly in door opening

All four sculped Planearound blocks

I also started fitting the Plenaround third latch, and since I still have the door halves separate, I'm considering installing it before joining the halves, which avoids the large slots to insert it:

Planearound third latch going through door without slots

I also installed the nutplates inside the door handles:

Door handles with nutplates and screws

Nutplate inside the door handle

I still need to make a final decision on how to install the Planearound system, and still need to actually fit the doors to the cabin cover and join their halves.

Time lapse:

Total cabin door and transparency rivets: 4
Total cabin door and transparency time: 22.5h

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