Access cover mods for oxygen fill valve and rudder pedals

I came up with a way to attach the oxygen fill valve to the seat back brace closetout, using a couple angles to center the gauge through one of the openings:

Oxygen fill valve with angles for attachment

Oxygen fill valve clecoed into place

Aft (visible) side of oxygen fill valve, going through brace closeout

I also dimpled all the floor attachment holes on the ribs, in preparation for attaching the floors (but am still waiting for the 5" GripLockTies to attach conduits before I actually rivet them):

Dimpled floor holes

Once the rudder pedals were installed, I made the openings in the forward tunnel cover for their arms, and split it in two for ease of installation:

Rough markings for rudder pedal arm openings

That gave me a rough initial cut that then had to be significantly enlarged to give clearance around the pedal arms:

Forward tunnel cover split in two, with initial rudder pedal arm openings

Rudder pedal arms going through forward tunnel cover

Forward side of forward tunnel cover, where brake lines go through

Rudder pedal arms going through forward tunnel covers

I then needed to make a splice between the two parts - I cut a piece of .040 slightly larger than F-1051G, and copied the hole pattern from that part:

Splice connecting two halves of the forward tunnel cover

After deburring and primer, I riveted it to the forward section, and also added a bit of edge protection so there's no chance of the brake lines rubbing against the metal on the forward opening:

Forward forward tunnel cover, primed, with the splice riveted, and protected around the brake lines

Time lapse:

Total access cover and floor panel rivets: 306
Total access cover and floor panel time: 27.3h

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