Research: exterior lights

While trying to determine what else I might be missing for the empennage kit, I decided to do some research on lights - specifically, what lights I'd want on the empennage. This involved re-reading all the details of AIM 4-3-23, then looking at products. Some popular brands appear to be Aero LED, Whelen and Aveo. Looking at the products, they all seem pretty similar, but one specially stood out - the Aveo ZipTips:

(image copyright Aveo Engineering)
They also have a nice option to add lights to the trailing edge of the wingtip, effectively allowing me to only have lights on the wingtips if I want, which sounds great (less wires, less installation work).

That said, I do want to have beacon lights so I don't go flashing those superbright strobes at the ramp (like I have to in the DA40). They seem to have good (though nothing out-of-the-ordinary) beacons too, like the RedBaron XP, so I may as well go all in and get everything from them. As for the position of the beacon, I'm thinking of putting it down at the belly and keep my vertical stabilizer clean (and hope that it doesn't add any noise to the antennas).

I've written to the local Aveo representative asking for a demo, I'll post an update if I get it.

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