Empennage fairings are done

To finish up section 12, we riveted the empennage fairing attachment nutplates:

Empennage fairing attachment nutplates

I had a gap on the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer fairing of about 0.05" - I sanded it to remove the gel coat then added a few layers of fiber there to extend the edge:

Gap between vertical stabilizer skin and fairing leading edges

Fiber laid up onto vertical stabilizer fairing leading edge

Vertical stabilizer fairing leading edge after sanding

After a bunch of sanding and filling and primer, this part was done. I also took the opportunity to finish sanding and prime the empennage fairing, which means section 12 is now complete (except maybe for final attachment of the screwed-in parts which will happen much later).

Time lapse:

Total empennage fairing rivets: 185
Total empennage fairing time: 103.8h

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