Front seats levers

The Aerosport seat levers come with a pretty rough surface, both inside and out, so it took me some time to get them smooth:

Seat lever outside surfaces, before and after

Smoothing the seat lever inside and outside surfaces

I then drilled the pivot hole (it uses an AN4 bolt) and test-fit it:

Seat lever test fitting

I didn't want the lever touching the seat frame, so I added some spacing (in the end it ended up being a thinner AN960-416L):

Seat lever attached to frame wish a washer for spacing

The Aerosport levers also came with some rust in them, so instead of painting them black I just did a rust conversion coating, which made them look good enough:

Painted (actually rust-converted) seat levers

The lever attached to the handle with a small (#5) screw - to protect its threads a bit, I added a small spacer (McMaster PN 92320A691, reamed up to 1/8") which can just slide through the lever opening (and is held in place between two small washers):

Tiny spacer to support the #5 screw that connects the lever and handle

With that, I tightened everything up:

Left seat lever installed in place

Left seat lever installed in place

We also took the opportunity to paint the forward fuselage bulkhead which stay visible underneath the seats:

Painted forward fuselage bulkhead, already in place

Since I still had the cabin cover out of the fuselage, I took the opportunity to drill the seat belt attachment holes (and I'll countersink them when it's right side up again):

Bolt through the seat belt attachment hardpoint on the cabin cover

We also ordered and received the seat belts from Crow, and will install them later.

Time lapse:

Total seat and seat belt time: 4.5h

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