Cabin cover surface finishing

Sand, fill, sand, fill, sand, fill, prime, sand, fill, prime, paint, sand, fill, prime, get the point :) Thankfully only a small part of the cabin cover will stay uncovered - the whole aft section was primed just for protection but will be covered by the headliner, and all the center portion will be covered up by the overhead console - so we didn't have as much surface to finish.

First layer of primer applied to the cabin cover

Finishing the conduit outlets 

Painting the forward center section

Overhead console resting on cabin cover

Primed and painted cabin cover

The parts that are still pink are the ones that will be finished in place by joining them to adjacent metal parts.

Finally, in preparation for attaching the overhead console, we had it clear coated by a local body shop, then attached clickbonds to the inside for running conduits

Clickbond conduit attachments inside overhead console

Clickbond conduit attachments inside overhead console, after curing

Next steps are to attach the overhead console, prepare the headliner (ordered in April but I still haven't received it), and the finally attach the cabin cover in place. I already have the transparencies from Cee Bailey's, too.

Time lapse:

Total cabin cover rivets: 64
Total cabin cover time: 117.0h

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