Wingtip trimming and countersinking

I trimmed the wingtip aft portions to give the right spacing to the ailerons:

Markings of the minimum distance required from the aileron, before trimming

Trimmed wingtips with clearance from the aileron

I then countersunk all the hinge attachment holes for flush rivets, and the forward and inspection panel cover screw holes for #6 screws:
Wingtip with countersunk holes

Now I need to wait for Aveo to send me the fiberglass ribs (they're taking some time), glass those in, make the delrin block for securing the hinge pins, and then add the static wick attachment (probably with nutplates on a backing strip and a bonding strap to the rib). I also still need to prime the hinge spacers (except those that will bond the Archer antenna) and rivet the hinges in place.

Time lapse:

Total wing tip time: 45.9h

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