Rear seat backs started

While waiting on the weather to prime some parts, I started section 42, the rear seat backs. This starts by fabricating some angles:

Rear seat back angles
Two of those need to be rounded at the vertex to nest in the top part of the seat backs:

Rear seat back top angles, one of them rounded at the vertex
The way I found to do this with some precision over the length of the angle was to make a 45-degree chamfer first until the width of the material was the same on the vertex as on the flanges, and measuring to ensure that the width of the chamfered area was the same throughout the angle, before finally rounding it:

One rounded (right) and one chamfered (left) rear seat back top angles

Forward side of the rear seat back, match-drilled to the angles and hinge half

Back side of the rear seat back, match-drilled to the angles and hinge half

As a minor detail - Van's tells you to cut the hinge pins in half, at 8" - don't :) The removed hinge eyes are not exactly centered, so I found that it's much better to cut them at the center of the removed eyes:

Hinge pins cut in half (top) and at the center of the removed eyes (bottom)

Some of the parts had some excess length which I'll likely trim off later:

This completes all the fabrication involved in this short section - now it's just minor trimming, deburring, primer and riveting/attachment.

Time lapse:

Total rear seat backs time: 7.6h

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