Access covers continued

I continued working on the access covers, first by getting the seat back brace closeout to actually go in and be final-drilled:

Seat back brace closeout in place for final drilling

After I primed some parts, I riveted the floor pans:

Floor pans with nutplates, ready to be installed

Installed rear seat right floor pan

Installed rear seat left floor pan

For the outboard row of rivets, where you have to buck in a tight area, it quickly became clear that solid rivets were not going to work very well:

Bad, removed rivets from trying to use solid rivets on the outboard row of the floor pan

so (after finding something from Van's saying that they're not load bearing) we switched to blind rivets and got that done quickly as well:

Blind rivets used on the outboard rows of the floor pans

Next was match-drilling the rear seat cover panel to the longeron, and installing nutplates there:

Machine-countersunk nutplate attachment holes on longeron

Nutplates installed underneath longeron
and finally, I realized I should have final-drilled and machine-countersunk the top flange of the forward fuselage bulkhead long before, so I did it now:

Machine-countersunk top bulkhead flange

Time lapse:

Total access cover and floor panel rivets: 286
Total access cover and floor panel time: 19.3h

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