Flap system started

I started working on the flap system, which is mostly the torque tubes and crank that connect the motor to the wings.

This starts by setting the torque tubes and horns in very specific angles/distances and match-drilling for bolts:

Flap horn, torque tube and crank in position for drilling

Drilled and bolted flap torque tube, horn and crank

Both torque tubes and horns drilled and bolted to the crank

These tubes are mounted into delrin blocks for alignment, so those had to be trimmed:

Delrin bushing blocks marked for trimming

Trimmed torque tube bushings

After priming the tubes, we installed them, which was actually quite a bit more work than expected given how tightly everything fits together (and the layer of primer doesn't help there):

Installed flap torque tubes, bushings and crank

Torque tube to horn attachment bolts, in a tight area

Horn, torque tubes, bushing and crank

With this, the only step left in section 40 is actually installing the motor, but for that I need to finish figuring out the bracket for the PHA motor (which also involves completing the last few steps of section 26)

Time lapse:

Total flap system rivets: 0
Total flap system time: 14.0h

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