Fuselage side skins 100% done

The last remaining part of section 29 was to install the landing gear mount, which required some primer touch-up where I "fixed" a flange to fit:

Landing gear mount flange after stripping the remaining powder coating

Touched-up landing gear mount
With that, I started the final step of bolting down the landing gear mounts:

Installed right landing gear mount

Installed left landing gear mount

All landing gear mount bolts torqued inbetween the center section spars

Of course, there had to be one bolt that gave us trouble and made us spend almost an additional hour to get it tight - it was just too close to the landing gear mount "leg" to use a socket, but we managed it:

Difficult bolt to tighten in the landing gear mount leg

With that, this section is 100% complete :) There is life after section 29!

Time lapse:

Total fuselage side skin rivets: 1714
Total fuselage side skin time: 156.9h

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