Control Systems started

I got started on section 39, the control systems, by cutting the pushrods to the proper length:

Pushrods cut to length and rod end bearings

Aligning the control sticks on the drill press table proved to be quite hard:

Mess trying to align the control stick and its base on the drill press table
so I gave up on that and decided to use the mill :) (big thanks goes to a coworker who helped me and taught me how to use it!)

Mill with the control stick

With the mill it was actually quite easy to drill nearly-perfect matching holes on the two parts with the control stick not just "supposedly parallel" to the table, but actually clamped down to it

Control stick firmly attached to mill table
I drilled them #15 and later finished with #12 by hand:

Control sticks temporarily attached to their bases

I also trimmed the bushings and stick bases to fit within the control column:

Control stick base bushings, one in the control column and one in the control stick base
and finally test-assembled the whole thing:

Control sticks with bases and control column attached

Some of the parts had some rust on the inside, so I gave them a good T-9 bath in preparation for primer (I'll obviously need to clean that off before applying the primer, the Prekote should help):

Control system (and flap) parts after applying T-9
Next steps are priming and assembling these parts, and continuing the assembly of the pushrods.

Time lapse:

Total control system time: 6.4h

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