Fuselage side skin riveting continued

I got some new tools to try to get to all those side-skin rivets, and that was immensely helpful:

New riveting sets and bucking bars
We finished riveting both mid fuselage side skins, and the aftmost part of the forward side skin (where it's very annoying to rivet due to the large wing attachment bolts/nuts):

Riveted right mid fuselage-skin

Riveted left mid-fuselage skin

including all the bottom rivets that get done in this section:

Bottom rivets on the right mid-fuselage skin

I installed the rear seat vents:

Rear seat vent installed

Inside view of the rear seat vent

We then installed the mid cabin decks, and for bucking those rivets, we had someone inside the airplane for the first time!

Bucking the mid-cabin deck rivets

Riveted right mid-cabin deck

Riveted left mid-cabin deck

We also performed a bunch of smaller tasks, like riveting the nutplates on the forward cabin floor panels:

Nutplates riveted to forward cabin floor panel

We applied sealant (Firebarrier 2000) between the firewall and the forward side skins before we rivet it in place:

Applying sealant between the firewall bulkhead and the forward side skins

Firewall/side skin joint all sealed up!

Since we were playing with Firebarrier anyway, we also sealed up the gaps in the firewall recess:

Firewall recess corners filled with Firebarrier 2000

Time lapse (now in 4K, starting at 44:48):

Total fuselage side skin rivets: 1040
Total fuselage side skin time: 137.8h

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