Step installation mostly done

I started the step installation section by drilling the step attach blocks in the drill press:

Step attach blocks on drill press
I then match-drilled through them into the ribs with the steps in place:

Step under baggage floor, with attach block

Step going through match-drilled attach block

Attach block fully match-drilled and bolted

Both attach blocks secured to ribs
I then actually drilled through the step into the bottom skin, and back into the baggage floor:

Baggage floor hole where the step bolt goes

Step with bolt in place
Finally, to reduce the chance of the steps breaking, I used the bushings from TCW - they go inside the step (with the bolt going through them) to prevent crushing of the step tube. They were slightly oversized for my steps, so I had to grind them down slightly to fit:

Ground-down TCW step bushings

Step bushings fitting into steps
Now the only steps left are to touch up the primer on the steps and actually attach them permanently, which I'll leave for later.

Time lapse:

Total step installation time: 5.4h

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