Access covers/floor panels started

While waiting for a riveting partner to finish the forward side skins, I started to take tasks from the other sections ahead, so I started section 35 by fitting and drilling the rear floor pans.

The pans don't really go in without some serious deburring - the aft seat rail supports are about 1" wide, and the gap for them in the floor pan was only about 0.9" - I targeted a little slack and widened them to about 1.07", then they fit perfectly:

Trying to fit the rear floor pan
Floor pan gaps around aft seat rail support

I then clecoed them in place, final-drilled the holes to the adjacent ribs and rear spar, then match-drilled the forward holes into the main spar web:

Final-drilling floor pan attach holes

Match-drilling floor pan into main spar
After that, I removed them - which was in itself a challenge, since they go in pretty tightly and "snap" under the rear spar attach bar. I had to use two thin pieces of metal (two chip removing tools) to bring it over that edge, pulling them with clecos (there's also nowhere to grab):

Lifting the floor pan out of the rear spar attach bar

I then final-drilled the other holes (which were already dimpled in floor stiffeners, so no point in final-drilling together), then deburred the holes and edges of the pans, so they'll be primed on the next batch of parts, whenever that is.

Finally, I final-drilled most of the screw holes and deburred holes and edges on a pile of access cover parts:

Final-drilled and deburred access cover parts

Time lapse (now in 4K!):

Total access cover and floor panel rivets: 0
Total access cover and floor panel time: 7.8h

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